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  We offer our legal services below to meet the criteria and achieve the goals of our clients:

  • Legal Consultancy in particular areas of knowledge and experience, without limitation:

    • Familiarity with governmental laws and Regulatory Work relative to the nature of the project.
    • Agreement and Contracts, Arbitration, Civil Law and Procedures Commercial Law, Construction & Engineering, Corporate Advice, Criminal defense and Prosecution, Labor Law, Land Law, Real Estate, Tax Law etc..
    • Safety procedures and protection from hidden and indirect costs such as time lost, loss in earning power, economic loss, train or replacement of employees, equipment damage, loss of production, fines, insurance premiums etc...
    • Contract Requirements and Legal Obligations
    • Corporate & Personal Legal Liability
    • Delays in construction or infrastructure, disruption, acceleration, performance, defective design and interference.
    • Liquidated damages
    • Environmental Issues such as laws, regulations, permit requirements, risk and hazards.
  • Representation

  • Drafting Contracts; Memorandums and Resolutions.

  • Court

    • Quasi-Judicial and legislative procedures
    • Violations
    • Case Work & Trials
    • Alternative Dispute Resolutions

      • Alternative methods of resolving disputes and settling claims, such as negotiation, arbitration and mediation.